Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 Wilderness 100 Race Report

The Wilderness 101 race held in Coburn, PA is one of two races held on the same day (The second being the Big Bear in California which my partner in crime and awesome teammate David Jolin raced this year. He placed fifth by the way...GREAT JOB DAVE!!) and is the 5th race in the series, so things are definitely heating up as everyone's fitness is starting to peak. For me, this is the second time attending this race and is the most challenging course due to the big, sharp, angry rocks that the riders ride over and down!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Chapel Criterium Series Schedule and Flyer

The start of the 2015 Chapel Criterium is just a few days away. This year the USA Cycling sanctioned races will be held on Thursday, July 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 30th. (Google Map Link to the Chapel in Green)

Racing begins at 6:30pm with a total of four races, two for the men and two for the women. More information and the race flyer is available below...

June 2015 Race Results Update

After a delayed beginning to the 2015 racing season, Stark Velo Cycling Team has gotten off  to perhaps the best start in their history.

Off roader’s Dave Jolin and Scott Morman continue to impress with their fitness and results. Both competed in the Cohutta 100 mile mountain bike race in Tennessee on April 25. Scott raced in the Men’s Open and placed 27th of 128 riders. Dave raced in the Masters race, claiming 4th of 33 entries. Scott raced the 6 hours of Brady’s Run MTB race in Western Pennsylvania on May 12, finishing first in the 40+ Solo division.

Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 6 Hours of Brady's Run Race Report

The 6 Hours of Brady's Run was an unscheduled race that I decided to participate in, sort of at the last minute. The determining factors were, in order of importance, the "OK" from my wife (always important), the recovery from the Cohutta 100 two weeks prior, and the weather forecast (only concern was the heat as they forecast upper 80's). Got the "OK" to go, recovery was looking good, and the forecast, while hot, looked great! So I was all in.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Cohutta 100 Race Report

The Cohutta 100 is the second race in the National Ultra Endurance 2015 series and is held in TN. This race starts at the Occee river where they held the 1996 Kayak Olympic Competitions. This would be my first into the series for this year and Dave Jolin's second.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Barry-Roubaix 2015 Race by Scott Morman

It was COLD!

The starting temperature of Barry-Roubaix was roughly 20 degrees and that may be generous. I raced the 36-mile Fixed Gear again, same as last, however unlike last year they bundled us with the SS'ers which means we had to race them for podium position. Ouch. There were 40 in that category and we went off in wave 4 at roughly 10:06, sent off waves ever two minutes with the two big 62-mile groups going off first and second.

As usual it was a pretty fast start and trying to keep up with SS'ers that can coast on the descents, and pick up speed, is not an easy task on a fixed gear bike. The course was in awesome shape! No ice and no snow to speak of, so of course at such low temperatures everything was frozen. At the start you hit the three sisters within 1.5 miles and once you clear those you are pretty much warmed up, well ... as warm as you are going to get. They put Sager road back into the course this year and honestly that was the most fun road of the race. When I hit it I had to thread the needle through two lines of gearing racers going up either side of the road, so I shot up the center passing everyone in front of me on that road. Good times!

I passed lots of SS'ers and took notice of no other fixed gear guys (Dave Jolin was the only other fixed gear guy that I knew of and we did not see any other fixed gear guys at the start). 

In the end I placed 8th out of the 40 in that category, so I think I did well against all of the SS'ers and I was 2.5 minutes off from being on the top five podium. Dang! I wanted under 2 hours but alas missed it by one second, 2:00:01. DOH!

- Scott Morman

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 2015 Newsletter

The close of the 2014 cycling season  is nearly over, with Frosty  Cross on December 21st the only event left to report. It has been a good year, with many fine results.

The Franklin Cross in Washington, PA , held on October 25 was held under crisp, clear, sunshine. The well designed course included lots of climbing, a fast downhill, and a challenging sand pit. Rich Grella took 8th in the Mens 60+ race.