Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Chapel Crit Series - Race 3 Results

Tonights 2013 Chapel Crit Series saw a good turnout of around forty local racers looking to get a good workout in.

For much of the forty-plus minute 'B' Race the peloton was strung out in a line indicating that a good pace was being kept by the field. The 'B' Race finished with the following results:
  1. Jim Smeltzer
  2. Billy Slutz
  3. Morris Miller
  4. Joel Schmidt
  5. Samantha Brode

The 'A' Race started off with a strange twist. Coming into the chicane section of the course on the first lap at around twenty-seven or so miles and hour the peloton fount itself bearing down on a mother duck and her ducklings going for a leisure stroll across the road. The peloton did a good job of avoiding the ducks, the light pole, and each-other as it slowed quickly to barely a crawl to let the ducks cross the road.

After the little bit of duck excitement, the race was on!

Just one lap into the race Steve Twining decided it was time to do some racing and Mike Minard agreed. The two of them got a gap on the peloton and about one lap later Erik Lesco decided to join the fun.

Steve, Mike and Eric eventually lapped the entire peloton. With just ten minutes to go in the race Eric was able to get away with some lapped riders leaving Mike and Steve to fight for second place. When it came down to the sprint at 200 meters out Mike was positioned well on Steve's wheel but when it was time to sprint Mike suffered doubled cramps in both caves leaving Steve with an easy, well-deserved ride into second place.

It was a good race!

The results for the night's 'A' Race were:
  1. Erik Lesco
  2. Steve Twining
  3. Mike Minard
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped put on the series this year. All proceeds from the races went to help Refuge of Hope.

We would also like to thank Dan and Sharon Minard for helping run the events. They ran registration and the races. Thank you! Also, thank you Rich Grella for making the event possible. Rich scheduled the venue and organized everything making this year's race series possible.

One more big thank you also needs to go out to Stark Velo's sponsor, Subway. Subway provided all the food at each race. Please support Subway...they support us!