Friday, August 2, 2013

Bill Flecher grabs silver in the 2013 Masters Track Nationals 2k event - Update

Bill sent in this write-up from the event this week and I thought I would share it and some pictures he also shared.

I really appreciate having team mate Marshall at Track Nationals for support and splits. On Thursday we raced the 500TT and they raced us in pairs. Only doing one and a-half laps the wind had a huge effect in the races. My time was over 1.5 seconds slower than what I did at States in June. I started hard but ran out of gas on the closing half lap that was into a fifteen mile per hour headwind. I ended up 8th over all.

In the 2K Pursuit my standing start was good and after the second lap I knew I was rolling when Marshall called out a 23.2 second split time. (32.2 mph). The next split was 24.0 seconds which was right on my desired pace. Even though 2 K TT's are short, the real work begins at the half way point. My fourth lap split was 25.4 seconds then the final two were at 27.0 seconds. The guy who took first place has WC (World Champion) stripes and beat me by over 6 seconds.  Where can I legally find or buy 7 seconds? LOL

It was kinda cool being positioned on the awards stand between guys with World and National champ stripes on their sleeves.

Proud to rep Stark Velo!
Bill Flecher

2km Results

Bill & Kathy

2km Podium


500 Start