Sunday, August 18, 2013

USA Pro Challenge Race Experience - Snowmass Village and an easy spinwith the Carmichael group

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today's post will be short. I have a big day tomorrow and it starts at 5:30 am so I need my sleep!

Today I left Aspen and headed up to Snowmass Village for the start of my week's experience.

It started with me dropping off my bike and handing it over to our mechanics. It's kind of nice that I won't have to clean and adjust my own bike this week. What a luxury!

After dropping off my bike I was given my hotel room key by the awesome CTS Staff (more on them in future posts) and I dropped off my bag. 

I had about ninety minutes to kill before a planned group ride at around 1 pm. So I made my way around checking out Snowmass Village. This is a really cool place. I ended up finding a Starbucks where I could get some work done and take care of a few emails. 

With 1 pm quickly approaching I got dressed to ride, grabbed my bike computer and headed over to the Team CTS Truck. Which, by the way, is parked behind BMC and next to Jellybelly. Awesome!

After meeting more of the CTS Staff including Chris Charmichael we headed out for an easy eighty minute spin. It was a really easy ride and a good time to talk with everyone. 

After the ride we got cleaned up and headed to a team meeting. There everything was explained to us and we got formal introductions to each other.  There was quite a bit to go over so the meeting was about ninety minutes.  

After our meeting we went to dinner. We get to eat dinner with all the teams. It was odd being there with everyone.

Oh, let me mention that I was right behind Andy Schleck in the dinner line.

That's the update for the day. I have a big day tomorrow so it's time for some sleep. 

Below are are few pictures from today. Check out the team bag I got and everything that was inside.