Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bill Flecher grabs silver in the 2013 Masters Track Nationals 2k event

Marshall Leininger sporting his coach badge!
We're proud to announce that Bill Flecher today grabbed the silver in the 2k at the 2013 Masters Track Nationals in Indianapolis Indiana. Good job Bill!

We'll post more information and pictures when we have them.

[Update - August 2, 2014 6:56pm] Check out Bill's write-up and a few pictures he shared:

Two Stark Velo Members Podium at the National Senior Games

Write-up by: Bill Flecher

The National Senior Games are held every other year at a host city. This year Cleveland was selected as the host city.

Over 11,000 senior athletes ages 50 and up competed in variety of events including cycling.

To get to the National Senior Games one needs to qualify the prior year by placing in the top four places in their State Senior Games. Last summer Joe Huth, Marshall Lininger and I (Bill Flecher) all qualified at the Ohio Senior Games.

The fields in the National Senior Games this year were not a bunch of wanna-be racers! There might have been 10 or so, but many guys had State Champion Stripes on their sleeves and I even saw World Champion Stripes on one guy in my race (not the winner).

The fields in our races were stacked and were pretty large with over 50 riders in both the 55-59 race and my 60-64 race. On Saturday we raced 40K road races and on Sunday the races were 20K. The start/finish line was on Lakeside Ave in front of the new convention center. The bulk of the race course was on the Shoreway with 180 degree turns marked by traffic cones (just like the entry gate at the Cemetery Crit!).

In my race on Saturday right off the bat one guy attacked and pulled 4 or 5 guys with him and I tried to bridge up for a good 1/2 mile then once back on he attacked again and a group of about 20 got away and I was done. I slowed and recovered enough to latch onto other guys who could not go with the initial surge. As we rode we picked up more guys and at the end I out-sprinted them and ended up 15th. The guy who caused all the chaos is a former Canadian Olympic racer who rode away from my race and past the 55-59 group race too.

Joe Huth was in the 55-59 race and took 3rd in his race. One guy got off with a mile to go and stayed away and Joe was 2nd in the field sprint. During our Saturday races it was windy and raining the whole time.

During Saturday's race Marshall Lininger swung wide at the 180 degree turn to start the third lap and was pushed out into the jersey wall, coming to a near stop rather than meet the concrete! Even from the middle of the pack this set him and two other guys off the back as the peloton used the slight decent to power into the next climb. There was no way they were catching up to the peloton which was traveling 30-plus miles an hour.

Sunday was the 20K races and it was sunny and less windy. In my race I planned to sit in and let others be the hero. We had a nice and controlled pace until with a little more than a-half lap to go the beast from Florida exploded again off the front. This time only two guys went with him and one never caught the the two, and the second guy lasted about one quarter of a mile before he lost the wheel. At that point it was a race for second. The pack stayed together with a few weak attempts to get away. I put myself in a good place coming off the freeway onto the hill on East 9th Street being around seventh place. Going up the hill I passed a couple guys but didn't grab the wheel I needed for the finish straight. The two guys I was following up the hill blew up and three riders got onto the final 300 meters about 20 meters ahead of me riding into the wind. My good luck was they were all side by side with 250 meters to go and I was able to sprint past two but needed another 20 meters to get the Silver.

In Joe's race I understand that the pack stayed together with no breaks until the end. It came down to a field sprint for the win with Joe Huth and Jeff Kompa having a gap on the field at the top of the hill leading onto the finish straight. Joe got the Silver and Jeff won Gold. Marshall raced well on Sunday and was riding comfortably in the field until one mile to go when his shifter broke at the top of the bridge hill and he only could use the seventeenth gear in the rear when the pack lit it up going down the hill to the exit.

Phil Martin who has moved to Florida represented Stark Velo in the 70+ race. I don't believe Phil placed in either race.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Chapel Crit Series - Race 3 Results

Tonights 2013 Chapel Crit Series saw a good turnout of around forty local racers looking to get a good workout in.

For much of the forty-plus minute 'B' Race the peloton was strung out in a line indicating that a good pace was being kept by the field. The 'B' Race finished with the following results:
  1. Jim Smeltzer
  2. Billy Slutz
  3. Morris Miller
  4. Joel Schmidt
  5. Samantha Brode

The 'A' Race started off with a strange twist. Coming into the chicane section of the course on the first lap at around twenty-seven or so miles and hour the peloton fount itself bearing down on a mother duck and her ducklings going for a leisure stroll across the road. The peloton did a good job of avoiding the ducks, the light pole, and each-other as it slowed quickly to barely a crawl to let the ducks cross the road.

After the little bit of duck excitement, the race was on!

Just one lap into the race Steve Twining decided it was time to do some racing and Mike Minard agreed. The two of them got a gap on the peloton and about one lap later Erik Lesco decided to join the fun.

Steve, Mike and Eric eventually lapped the entire peloton. With just ten minutes to go in the race Eric was able to get away with some lapped riders leaving Mike and Steve to fight for second place. When it came down to the sprint at 200 meters out Mike was positioned well on Steve's wheel but when it was time to sprint Mike suffered doubled cramps in both caves leaving Steve with an easy, well-deserved ride into second place.

It was a good race!

The results for the night's 'A' Race were:
  1. Erik Lesco
  2. Steve Twining
  3. Mike Minard
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped put on the series this year. All proceeds from the races went to help Refuge of Hope.

We would also like to thank Dan and Sharon Minard for helping run the events. They ran registration and the races. Thank you! Also, thank you Rich Grella for making the event possible. Rich scheduled the venue and organized everything making this year's race series possible.

One more big thank you also needs to go out to Stark Velo's sponsor, Subway. Subway provided all the food at each race. Please support Subway...they support us!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Team racing update for July

How has your Summer riding season been going? Have you been able to get mileage in between 16 straight days of rain, followed by the hottest days of the year? Stark Velo members have somehow been able to, with results to prove it.

We all know the good news/bad news analogy, so I will begin with the bad before the good. Stark Velo members Bob Brnilovich and Jim Yankush have been forced off the bike with crash related injuries. In late June, Bob was training on his TT bike when he was cut off by a passing motorist. The result was three broken ribs, and damage to his rotator cuff. This didn’t stop him from racing, as he entered the Twin Sizzler RR on July 4th. Still suffering, he was placed in the top 5 of his age group within the last half mile, when two riders in front of him crashed, taking Bob down. He broke four more ribs, and punctured a lung, placing him in the local hospital for a few days. Jim Yankush was racing at the Tour of the Valley the weekend after the fourth and crashed heavily on the opening day. Jim broke three ribs and picked up a lot of road rash. Both had been having very successful seasons, and we wish them a full and speedy recovery.

The good news is the great results from many team members competing in MTB, Road, and Track. Bill Fletcher is having an outstanding season, with top results in both track and road races. His competitive
juices burn hotter than the blue flame on your gas grill. In track, Bill has travelled to Indianapolis twice, both May and July, to race at the Major Taylor Velodrome. He won his division in the Flying 200 meter and 50 TT in May, then won his age group in 200 meter and 2K pursuit, 2nd in the 500 TT and was 4th overall in the 2K pursuit of all age groups. In June, he raced the Ohio State Track Championships at the new Cleveland Velodrome, winning the Flying 200 meter, 500 TT, 2K pursuit and Omnium. He placed 3rd in the Cat 3/4 Miss and Out race. His times in the Flying 200 and 500 TT were better than two nationally sponsored riders that are 20 years younger. His results on the road are no less impressive. On June 25th, Bill took first in the 20K road race in the 60-64 division during the Ohio Senior Games, followed the next day with a first in the 60-64 5K TT, and 2nd in the 40K 60-64 road race. At the Medina Twin Sizzler July 4th, Bill won the 60-64 race, and was the overall winner in the combined fields of 55-59, 60-64, 65+ race. Of 207 racers, Bill’s time was 27th best for the day. By the way, Bill also placed 3rd of 26 in the first ”B” Chapel Series race July 11th.

While Bill deserves many accolades, our team members competing in mountain bike races have also been doing very well. Dave Jolin has been receiving national attention among his peers. Dave raced June 15 in Wellston, MI at the Lumber Jack 100 and placed 7th in the Masters 50+ race. June 30th was the date for the Tatanka 100 race in Sturgis, SD. Dave placed 3rd in the 50+ race after getting off course for 7 miles, which cost him second place. Dave’s combined results have him atop the standings in the Masters 50+ division of the Kenda National Ultra Endurance MTB Series. Scott Morman has also been competing, but has had mechanical failures in recent races. Both Dave and Scott are qualified for the Leadville 100 in Colorado on August 10. Great job , and good luck to both.

On the local MTB scene, Jake Walters, along with Rick and Gavin Parr competed in the Ohio State Mountain Bike Championships, June 15 in Columbus. Rick took top honors in the Cat 2 40-49 division, and Gavin was 3rd in the Cat 3 10-12 race. Jake took 9th overall in the hotly contested Cat 1 19-39 race. Jake followed on June 29 with 6th place in the Expert class in the Double Down Enduro at Vultures Knob in Wooster. Jim Yankush raced in Pennsylvania June 30th at the Tomlinson Run MTB Challenge, placing a well earned 5th in the 45-54 Cat 1/2/3 race. As you see, our racers are competitive at both the local and national level.

Stark Velo hosted the VeloRose Criterium in Wooster, June 16th, on a difficult course laid out at the Ohio State Agriculture Center. Over 210 entrants raced throughout the day during this very well run event. Team members were concentrated in the Masters 50 + race, with Jim Yankush in 5th, Joe Huth 10th, Robert Vogt 14th, Bill Fletcher 18th, and Dale Seeds 20th. In the large Cat 3 field, Rick Parr finished 15th, followed by Mike Minard in 22nd. Chris Smith also raced, but did not place. Race prizes were donated by team sponsor, Rudy Project, our supplier of the finest cycling helmets and sun glasses available. Stark Velo is fueled by Subway, and so was everyone that raced the VeloRose Criterium or The Chapel Series. We truly appreciate our sponsors!

The Ohio Senior Games were held June 25-26 near Alliance, Ohio. As previously stated, Bill Fletcher cleaned up in his age group. Greg English was 3rd and Rich Grella 6th in the 20K RR for 55-59 men. Greg moved higher on the podium the next day by finishing 2nd in the 40K RR for 55-59, followed by Rich Grella in 5th. Thanks to everyone from SCBC for their assistance with these events.

Weekend races were held in Cincinnati, Ohio June 29 and 30. Joe Huth placed a very respectable 9th in a stacked Masters 55-59 field at the Hyde Park Blast. Joe came back next day to finish 16th in the same division at the Maderia Criterium. Joe’s strength has always been criterums. On July 7th, he finished 6th in the Masters 55-99 Ohio State Category Criterium Championships held near Toledo, in Sylvania, Ohio. Joe also competes in the Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series, were he is currently 5th overall in the 50-60 age group.

The 38th annual Medina Twin Sizzler Road Race was held July 4th, with several members making the early morning pilgrimage. Mike Minard placed 7th in the 35-99 Expert field, despite having to repair a flat tire. Again, Bill Fletcher’s heroics are previously stated for this event. Props to SCBC member , seldom racer, Chuck Knott placing 3rd in the 60-64 field, 4th in the combined 55-59,60-64,65+ field. In the same race, Rich Grella placed 4th in the 55-59 field, 8th in the combined, and Dale Seeds 10th in the 60-64 race. Marshall Leininger finished with Bill, Chuck, and Rich’s field, but his timing chip did not register. Overall, of 207 racers, Chuck was 29th, Rich 33rd, and Dale 70th. Not a bad day at all!

This brings you current with Stark Velo results. The road , track , and time trial season will soon come to an end, but cyclocross season is just around the corner. Rain or shine, our training continues, with the hope of continued success.

Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 Chapel Crit Series - Race 2 Results

The second race of our 2013 Chapel Crit Series saw a good turnout in both the 'A' and 'B' Fields.

Thanks to Pure121 EnduranceChamois Butt'r and Honey Stinger we were able to offer primes in both races. It make the racing very interesting, especially when offering a prime with only two laps to go in the 'B' field!

Results for the 'A' Field were as follows:
  1. Jeremy Grimm
  2. Jason Suppan
  3. Francis Gradish
Results for the 'B' Field were as follows:
  1. Jim Smeltzer
  2. Wesley Jones
  3. Owen Wengerd
  4. Joel Schmidt
  5. Brian Sharp

Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Chapel Crit Series - Race 1 Results

First we need to say a big "thank you" to Bob Grimm for taking pictures at our July 11th Chapel Crit Series Race. If you would like to check out the pictures Bob took check them out over at Shutterfly.

The 2013 Chapel Crit Series started out with a huge showing for the 'B' Race. The racing in the forty-five minute race was intense and saw two riders leaving the peloton only a few laps into the race. Those two racers, [names go here], went on to take first and second and leaving the Peloton to sprint for third place.

The top five finishers in the 'B' Race were as follows:
  1. Jacob Crew
  2. Ryan Cameron
  3. Bill Fletcher
  4. Brian Sharp
  5. Jim Smeltzer
The 'A' Race saw a light field because many of the regulars for this race were heading over to Youngstown to do the Tour of the Valley the next day. But just because the field was 'light' doesn't mean the competition wasn't!

For those of you that follow Strava out there it appears that Jeremy Grimm got the KOM tonight with an average lap speed of 28.2 miles per hour. That's moving!

The top five finishers in the 'A' Race were as follows:
  1. Jeremy Grimm
  2. Shawn Adams
  3. Steve Twining
There are only two more races this year. Don't miss this change to get a great training race in on a course that really lets you work on your cornering skills!

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Chapel Crit Series Flyer

We've updated the flyer for the 2013 Chapel Crit Series. This is a great opportunity to get a good workout in with Westlake being cancelled this year! Please share this with all your cycling friends and come race.