As betting is a demanded activity nowadays, bookmakers needed to find the way to attract different gamblers all around the world. That is why there are many bookmakers that have a wide variety of events and sports in their betting options. With these options, gamblers are available of choosing whatever sport or event, or even both at the same time, they want or they are more into it. Some betting sites are specialized in some specific sports, as the case of US sportbooks which normally are more into soccer, baseball and basketball, and as the case of UK bookmakers which are into football, tennis and rugby.

However, those cases not occur all the time. Trusted bookmakers are specialized in all kind of events and sports. What really matters for gamblers is how well bookies distribute their odds, bonuses and promotions for every sport. Nevertheless, rugby gamblers are constantly looking for the best bonuses in the best betting sites. That is why a great UK bookie must have the option of rugby betting. But, is rugby really demanded for betting? Yes! Although it does not look like it, it is!

In UK, gamblers enjoy betting on rugby and they are frequently waiting for best rugby odds. Some of the greatest UK bookmakers which offer rugby betting are:

  • Betfair: in rugby betting, this bookie usually offers 30 for free bets and very competitive odds. Also, it covers the entire rugby world cup with amazing offers.

  • Bet365: this well-known UK bookie offers the best in-play rugby betting, and gives 200 on bonuses.

  • Paddy Power: this great bookmaker gives everything to rugby gamblers. Although it only gives 30 on free bets, it offers the best specials for rugby betting.

So, if you want to bet on rugby these are the most recommended UK bookmakers!